Combining the fact of online game and reality, Çiftlik Bank has become one of Turkey's leading online game companies. In this process, with the structuring of customer focus in the Ciftlik Bank, this structure has been reinforced with respect and trust. By adopting the principle of dynamic and systematic working, it has aimed to be a family between its employees and its members and has continued to work towards this goal. Along with being Turkey's leading online gaming company, we have brought together our customers with our productions in the delicatessen with the natural routes of the Farm Bank in order to gain an important position in the food sector. Activities in 81 provinces of Turkey are planned with delicatessen and dealerships, We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service with innovative approaches in order to fulfill this desire. They are continuing to work to become one of the few companies in Turkey with a Ciftlik Bank product project in every house. We have continued to work on bringing the targets of our company to the position of being a global company from the position of the Turkish company by passing our goals gradually in every stage of our activities and starting our activities in Turkey with these projects.