Article 1 The Parties;

1-This contract between the parties is signed by Fame Game software Ltd. Defines the terms of use and privacy policy between the member and Fame Game Software Ltd..

Article 2- Subject:

1- site started its publication life on 07.30.2016. Collecting Members by providing opportunity to make money with playing farm games.

2- With this contract  expressly declares that your content for information purposes, does not carry out the purpose encouragement of redirecting. To take advantage of active services served on the site , Any natural or legal person who, by paying a price or providing access to the site in any way, shall be deemed to have accepted the conditions of use.

3- With This contract is signed by sets out the mutual obligations of the customer and the rules related to the settlement of the game money, gold, payment, confidentiality, working management contractual disputes, which will be paid by for the members.
4- In addition, this contract expressly states that no fees shall be claimed for members (for membership) and that the system shall not provide any money or property gains, no hope, and no requirement to include other persons in the system to obtain the property gain as long as other participants are found under the same conditions.
Payments made outside of the account number indicated on will not be valid and our site will not be responsible for all payments made except for the account number and form of payment indicated on the site.

Article 3- Membership :
1- Membership entitles the user to use the site named within the purchased gold, provided that the above conditions are met.

2- Any and all negative actions and acts performed by the members and the site through the site are subject to insult and legal and material liability of any act defined in the Turkish Criminal Code as a crime. does not accept any liability for such acts or actions.
3- Member can not share the information they use to log in through the site with anyone. has the necessary hardware structure for the storage and confidentiality of member information. Members are completely responsible for the security of their membership information. can not be held responsible for lost and stolen membership information.

Article 4- The authority of the website and the obligation of the user.

1- The site management has the right to terminate the membership of the member and to freeze the provisional period in case the work indicated by the member violates any of the articles in this contract.

2- In the event that the information of the member is used by another person, the membership of the member by the site management is terminated unlimitedly.
3- Site has the right to test whether the membership has been used by another person, including checking the IP information and other recorded information.

4- Member is solely responsible for all correspondence and transactions on the site as an individual or legal entity. The member accepts the registration of these correspondence and transactions by the site in advance. In the event of any dispute, it shall be deemed that such records held by the site will be valid and binding definitive and exclusive evidence, they are kept in good order and customer agrees to waive all objections and dismissals against

5- Everyone who subscribes to the site is committed to providing accurate information and to notify the site of any changes that may occur in this informationSite members can not be held responsible for the correctness or inaccuracy of their information. Site management is not responsible for lost or changed membership information. The Site may store personal information that members are permitted by law And may share non-personal data with third parties if requested.

6- The purpose of this information gathering is to increase the quality of service on the site, to advertise the site to the members of the site and to advertise personalized advertising.

7- The Site does not disclose personal information of members without explicit consent from the Member or unless such information is made anonymous unless explicitly stated in the User Agreement or similar documents.

8- The Site is committed to protecting the interests of its members while sharing such information.

9- Site management has the right to share all requested member information without any conditions, within the framework of any judicial or administrative process.
10- The site is not strictly responsible or subject to legal action by the member due to technical problems or disruptions
11- Ciftlikbank gives promised benefits from the market section within the site for the reason to; Çiftlik bilgi işlem bilişim tarım hayvancılık ticaret limited şirketi which provides meat, milk, honey products production and delicatessen services, and to all members; who play our game for branding awareness and advertising 
12- Ciftlikbank is not a bank or a financial institution. It expressly declares that do not perform their activities and fundraising activities of these organizations. 

Article 5 - Legal Responsibility of Members
1-The member agrees that the services offered at the will not enter unauthorized except the conditions determined by Fame Game, And agrees that it will not alter the software in any way, and will comply with all damages of Ciftlikbank that may result from failure to comply with these rules
2- Member agrees not to disturb and threaten other users, not to publish publicly known material or information, or to record, publish, distribute, or disclose information of others in violation of general morality.
3-Member aggree ,ın these services without permission Ciftlikbank, not to advertise, not to sell any goods or services, not to offer for this purpose,

4- Member Do not send messages consist that are threatening, immoral, racist, or illegal.

5- It agrees and undertakes that the copyright of the services and software provided on is owned by Fame Game Software LTD and that these software can not be reproduced in any way.

Article 6 - User Rights 
1- Fame Game is authorized to perform all kinds of user transactions on the system with a membership system to determine. The membership is unique and the same membership rights can not be granted to different people.

2- Will be provided with materials that can earn income every day in the direction of virtual animals that are purchased by the member.

7- Authorizations;

1- Under the terms of this contract, Fame Game has unregistered and unconditional rights to the following authorities. may stop working temporarily or completely of Reimbursement of the money deposited by the players who buy gold, due to temporary or complete suspension of the system, will be sent to within a period of 1 to 6 months, to the account number that the member will notify our company.

Article 8 - Validity of Records;

1- In controversies arising out of this contract With the records of both sides Microfilm, microfiche and computer Records valid under Law no. 6100, The binding will be absolute and exclusive evidence And that this material is a contract of evidence, All kinds of objections to specified records and takes oath that they are kept in good order, Expressly acknowledges and agrees to waive the copyright in advance.

Article 9- Confidentiality;

1- Member,during the term of the contract and the end of contract For whatever reason within two years of the contract Promises that no information, passwords and codes related to will be given to third parties and organizations. If it is determined that the information is given to third parties or organizations by the member, The membership agreement will immediately cancel, In this regard, the member already accepts that all the losses that will suffer will be met by the member

Article 10 - Taxation;
1- All transactions made by the Company through will be taxed according to the existing Tax Code of the Northern Cyprus Tax Regulation. 2- Any future changes to the Tax Code will automatically become effective under this contract. All responsibilities of the member in relation to the registration procedure shall be their own in accordance with the Tax Code.
Article 10 - Provisions to be applied;
1-In case of any disputes that may arise in connection with this contract, the provisions of these contracts shall be applied first and the Turkish Laws (Law of Obligations, Turkish Commercial Code, etc.) shall be applied for provisions not included in this contract.

Article 11 - Competent Court and Executive Offices;
1- The North Cyprus Courts and Execution Offices are authorized in all disputes arising out of this contract.

Article 12- In force;
1- The Membership Agreement shall enter into force on a permanent basis between the parties after the Member's Application Form has been completely filled out and mutually signed.

Article 13 - Refund Policy;
We accept and undertake that we will return the (GOLD) Gaming service fees paid to our company with the condition of notifying us with notary channel within 14 days.
All title deeds, vehicles, and animals belonging to the Ciftlik  information processing technology agriculture and animal husbandry trade limited company are on the assurance of the farm bank members. In case of bankruptcy, all the company's enviornments will be sold and distributed to the members according to the investment amount.