Ciftlikbank the pioneer in the online gaming sector in Turkey, has been active since August 2016. With the activities we have been doing since August 2016, we have stepped up the steps of the summit in Turkey in the online game sector with sure steps and have increased our investments and earnings with the facilities we have acquired in Bursa, Manisa, Giresun, Tekirdag. With each passing day, he contributed to the Turkish economy through new projects and provided employment for many people. With the virtual gaming platform, We improved that can make real investments, Has proven that investments can be evaluated in the Turkish sector, breakthroughs in food sector. We have produced the products with important brands and brought them together with their customers in their own markets.. Always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. Çiftlik Bank started its activities in 2016, accelerated in the second quarter of 2017, Has passed a steady rise with new projects and activities. Continuity of our projects will continue this increase steadily and we will be mentiononed step by step in the press of Turkey and World in 2017. Çiftlik Bank Family