How to Play Çiftlik Bank?

(₺) Create a Free Account

For account creation Once you click on the 'Free Membership' button, you can register by filling in the details on the opening page. You can activate your subscription with the SMS code received at the phone number you have defined for your account.

(₺) Update your account information

Keep your account secure, and update your account information correctly to take advantage of the 24/7 instant money-back service.

(₺) Begin the game with your free-gift animal

As a welcome gift, has been defined your account is 1 "Manisa Tavuğu" chicken. You will earn 1 Gold when you sell 24,000 products. You need to buy food for your animals before production begins.

(₺) Buy feed for your animals

Purchase feed in accordance with your balance from the feed purchase section. If you buy feed, your animals will start to produce. When you are not active in our game, your animals continue to produce in time.

(₺) Sell products to earn gold

You have to sell your products that accumulate in your production depot without having to fill. You can sell your products for gold by clicking on the Sell Product button. If you sell 24,000 items, you will earn 1 gold.

(₺) you can participate in the Union or establish unity yourself

The union is a system that allows our members to come together in groups for a common purpose and achieve a common profit. Union earnings are added to the production deposit, calculated as 1% of the total output of the members in the association.

(₺) Welcome to Family, We wish good games.

You learned the general rules of the game, Now fully joined the Ciftlikbank family, What you need to do after that , Develop a strategy according to the earnings of the animals and Join in associations and enjoy the benefits . We wish to you Good games and plenty of profits.