Frequently Asked Questions

Our game is a virtual world that has turned into reality. It is an investment game and you earn as you invest. When you say Buy Feed first in the game, your production starts. Your productions accumulate in the Production Warehouse section. When you say Sale, your production amount is converted to gold and both your Drawable Gold account and your Normal Gold account will be 3% cut off and reflects your Silver account. With these silverware you can shop from the delicatessen. Unit calculations; In production, 1 product is 0.000042 TL and 100.000 fodder for feed consumption is 1 TL. You can check from the animal market; Animals' hourly production and consumption units, animal prices. 1 gold is 1 TL.

Çiftlikbank is a real investment game. We are not a company that pays you money by earning money over interest. As Çiftlikbank, we; make payments to you with the gains we have made by making investments with your investments and establishing farms,buys animals to the farms, covering the costs of the maintenance of those animals, and selling the products we produce from those animals to our own farmhouses. You can look at the videos and tapes of the farms from our facebook page, you can go and visit them. Our farms are supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. As Fame Game Software Ltd. We accept and undertake that we will return Gaming the (GOLD) service fee that paid to our company,if member noticed us via notarized channel within 14 days. All the title deeds, vehicles, and animals belonging to the Ciftlikbank company of the farm IT processing informatics agricultural livestock trade are in the assurance of the farm bank members. In case of bankruptcy, quit from business all of our company's assets are will be sold and distributed to the members according to the investment amount. Bu teminatlar “ÇİFTLİK BANK” üye sözleşmesine eklenmiş ve yasal olarak tüm üyelerimizi kapsamaktadır.

This agreement guarantees the rights between the farm bank and the investor. The responsibilities of the investor and the firm are stated in our contract. With this contract the investor is guaranteed the principal in any case. You may request a contract for the contract request by specifying your name, surname, telephone number and address on the email address

Our contract comes with Yurtiçi cargo. It is necessary to reach your hand within 7 to 15 working days. The courier fee 15 TL will be deducted from your gold account.

All the title deeds, vehicles and animals belonging to the agricultural farming and livestock trade limited company of the farm are covered by the bank bank members. In case of possible closure and insolvency, all the environs belonging to our company will be sold and distributed to the members according to the investment amount.

You can access information such as address, phone, mail of our farms from our contact section located on the top menu of our webpage.

Papara: The papara is a virtual banking service. You can open membership at the papara's own site. When you sign up, Papara gives you a virtual wallet number that starts with PL *****. If you write this number in Papara Wallet No section the accounts will be integrated. If you are depositing money with a bank card that you use for your papara account; In the game with the order of Buy Gold> Papara/Credit Card> Gold Amunt> Purchase ..of your papara account will be cut off from your card and golds will be reflect into your account instantly.

The life of our animals has been shown in the animal market. Your animals die systematically after they fill their lives.

There are production / consumption values of our investment animals in the animal market.1 Gold=1 TL, one product value = 0.000042, 10,000 feed = 0.10 TL.

Your income from the animal market is the amount of income you incurred during the year after you have purchased your animal, including feed costs.

Your income from the animal market is the income that you have paid for the feed within the year after you have purchased your animal. You can earn your net income by subtracting your feed cost from your gross income.

The animal you bought in the game gives you 1 year's earnings. At the end of 1 year, your animal is wiped from the system. You can not rent or sell the animal you have bought to another user.

After clicking on the production capacity, you can see the warehouse costs by selecting the level table in the drop-down menu. Whether you want to buy from gold without waiting, you can expect warehouse level jump times.

Orders given by our members fall into panellists. Dealer sends the product by undertaking the desired order.

After members order total amount deduct from member’s account and converts as Gold through Dealer account which who undertaken as dealer.

Financial transactions write capacity in production and feed sections from statistical section. By clicking on this capacity, you can see the warehouse prices and capacity amounts by entering in the level table in the drop down menu.

Updates and maintenance for the game are made within the time determined by the software department.

Our company is not responsible for problems that may arise from technical problems.

Farm Bank provides income from farms. With these incomes you earn money. No interest transaction is made.

The credit card is inactive. Work by the software department is ongoing. It is planned to be integrated into the game. There is no clear information about the process time frame.

‘You can go through the basics with our authorities by sending an e-mail to '' and '' ''.

You can forward your complaints by e-mail to ''. You can forward your suggestions to our '' address.

There is a limit 50.000,00 TL per month

Dealership information is available in your cargo. Please use this information to communicate with our dealer and indicate your status or cpmplaint.

To calculate how many hours you want to enter the game, Multiply your total output by the time zone you want to enter. After you click on the capacity of your production depot, You can find the nearest capacity depot by looking at the level table.

Drawable gold: It's the amount you can get in your normal spendable gold account that you can west. So in fact TOTAL GOLD = Your normal Gold Amount .br> 1)When you make any expense (feed, animal intake), it deducts both from gold and drawable gold amount.
2) When you make production sales, this amount will be reflect into your both gold and drawable gold accounts.

The clan setup fee is 1000 Gold. The clan installer can set the clan entry conditions or does not set any conditions. If the conditions are required to join the clan, it is displayed on the opened clan screen under the name clan entrance conditions If you want to attend, you can accept these conditions and join the clan. The products that they buy, the reference income, the products they buy from the clan are reflected in the clan points. The night that connectssunday to monday to the market is converted to 5% of the total points (1% extra points for the first ranked clan) and distributed to each member. At the end of the process, the total points will be reset. In order to earn gold, kland must have a minimum of 6 people. For this reason, the clan founders have the authority to dismiss members who do not regularly invest, have no reference income, and do not buy groceries.

Carniola Bee is the highest earning rate among without campaign Honey Bee campaign. Therefore, it appears to be an continuously advantageous product.

1- If you do not receive the sms code membership registration on the game, please check if you have registered with the phone number you have previously entered. If you have created another record before, the sms code does not come to the same number again.
2- Please contact our live support team if this is not the case.

Please pay attention to whether or not your papara account is approved for solving the problem mentioned above. If approved and you are receiving this error, please visit and get help from the papa support. You can request a limit increase from the company.

Protective measures are taken on our products.

Our available dealers will send it. You can forward your complaint to ş e-mail address and your results will be returned.

such this kind user mistakes are entirely your responsibility. we are not responsible for any erroneous actions you may have made personally. the rules of the game are detailed in the membership contract.

Franchise is a real trade branch within the ÇİFTLİK BANK which performs sales of in-game gold and delicatessen products.

1- Minumum 30-35 sqm,and suppose to be located on a busy walk in street .;
2- The obligation to make the sign determined by the company
3- Obligation to open as a LTD company (Individual company is invalid)
4- The obligation to participate in the opening and events that the company will undertake.

No, there is no fee for entry. However, We charge from net profit on sale of gold in the panel given to the franchisees is taken as 8% franchising fee.

Our dealers earn 5% of gold sales. As a bonus, they can give up to 2% of users.

The profit rate of the products is between 30% and 100%.

The change of our animal prices is adjusted according to the plans of the finance department. If you future plan arise to make changes, you can follow it on our facebook page.

When you sell your own production ,3% of your production amount will be reflected in to your SILVER account. You can shop with those Silver from our online shop

Silver is not turned into gold. Unfortunately, this process can not be reversed once you have received silver.

Once you have directed the page of papara by choosing the option of >buy gold - >papara, you can make a deposit by entering your papara information.

Please e-mail your case to

We have to get informed as company if our members find any open gate in the system that will harm the company. If they act in the wrong way, legal proceedings are started.

You can choose an investment animal suitable for your budget from the animal market and you can make an assessment from the profit chart.

You can compare the capacity of your production depot with your total production. Because our warehouse's operating principle is integrated into the clock principle, you have to adjust it to the time zone you want to enter the game.